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This general request form is offered to any general interest, who is on the search of topic-related resources. It is focused on a straightforward handling of incoming requests that do not make use of any theoretical terms / of any scientific conceptualizations.

Academic scholars who are seriously concerned with a diversified description and understanding of their actual needs are kindly asked to make use of our Detailed Request Form which offers far more diversified input fields.

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2. Optionally you may rephrase your concern in terms of your scientific vocabulary and knowledge / in terms of any other relevant form of conceptualization!

Please describe further / so far not mentioned resp. extraordinary expectations towards the XIA! Are there any issues / criteria not yet taken into consideration? – Please put it down here!

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Please send this form with my individual data input additionally to my email-address. Holding my individual specifications on my hands facilicates my ongoing correspondence with XIA stuff.