Detailed Request Form

—  an individualized input option for the seriously concerned interest  —

Call for a distinctive request form

The various XIA-services described call for very distinctive requests by our aestimated customers resp. interests alike. As such you are kindly asked to at first generate and thereafter to fill out a highly distinctively compiled input form – exactly meeting your specific needs based on your individual preferences and preselections made within a short selection process.

How to generate your individual request form

Any interest with a deep concern about his very specific needs is hereby invited to generate his individual input form depending on his own preferences / concerns to the three main items described in more detail on our services-page: XIA-inquirer’s retrieval experiences and expectations (I), Requirement's allocation (II) and Digital Content Management (DCM) (III).

You are for this purpose kindly asked to take your preferences, three times among three single sub-options, for each of the single triangles I, II and III one selection that matches the best to your individal case. Please choose any quodlibet triangle of the three triangles I, II and III and perform the following steps:

  1. Please click with your mouse pointer on one single triangle to activate a popup effect showing by return three bigger embedded triangles.
  2. When moving the mouse pointer slightly over these three embedded triangles, you will see hovering 3 different tooltips for each embedded triangle that describe the specification of the corresponding triangle.
  3. Please take time to read these tooltips carefully and decide for yourself, which corresponding triangle the best fits your request case.
  4. Now click on the triangle belonging to the tooltip of your choice! The triangles now will disappear and a confirmation-window will appear asking for your confirmation; please do so by a click on „okay“!
  5. Go ahead in exactly this way with any second and afterwards the very last triangle. In between you again will have to confirm your selection to proceed.

Having proceeded this way, you will find your individual input form promptly generated below the triangles. Therein you will find exactly those input fields necessary to write down your individual needs. Now fill out your generated request form with reasonable care. This will help us to understand your concern right from the start.

Thank you for your efforts in advance!

Please make sure that JavaScript is enabled!

IIIDigitalContent Management(DCM) IIRequirement'sallocation IXIA-inquirer’sretrieval experiencesand expectations 3 2 1 Interest’schoice in between3 different ways toallocate any requirements Just a minumum of investments is granted by the interest. Any operation expense has to keep balanced to clearly defined outputs. Any outstanding results justify assignment of personnel and activity-related costs. 3 2 1 Interest’sself-assessmentwith any informationretrieval strategies The general interest and his experimental handling with any offered search options. The advanced scholar and his reflective practice with selected online resources. The experienced professional and his tightly focused usage of preselected resources. 3 2 1 Interest’sprospect towards3 different dimensionsof request outcomes A direct and straightforward result will fulfill a delimited request. Any unexpected core-matches may evoke an extension of the original request frame. The plethora of any comprehensive and exquisit retieval outcome according to diversified realization criteria is to be provided continously.

Personal Input Data

Academic Grade * (* = required)

Title *

First Name * Last Name *
Address: Street * Address: City *
Address: Postcode * Address: Country *
Email * Homepage
Telephone Mobile

Request Preferences

Compensation *
an official agreement not excluded
moderate expenses granted
on a donation basis
only for free

Languages of any media type
Preferred languages: * Excluded languages: *

Type of Media *
Print Online XIA-database included not specified, i.e. content-decisive

Processing Time *

within 24h (ONLY granted after a confirmation by telephone in advance! - Thank you for your attention!)

General Request Data

Please describe your previous attempts in information retrieval: Which ambitious efforts, strategies did you pursue? Which concrete steps (alternative internet services and search portals e.g.) did you follow up so far? *

Please describe now your request as detailed as possible in the following two ways:
1. Please describe your concern in your own words! *

2. Additionally please rephrase your concern in terms of your scientific vocabulary and knowledge / in terms of any other relevant form of conceptualization!

Please describe further / so far not mentioned resp. extraordinary expectations towards the XIA! Are there any issues / criteria not yet taken into consideration? – Please put it down here!

Specific Request Data

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle I,1

Are there any attempts you already performed? - If yes, please specify them and describe, why they are lacking your expectations so far!
Did you already request any search matches of a search engine / online databases? - If yes, which ones did you request and which search strings did you enter? And finally in which respects did the search matches not fit your needs? *

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle I,2

Please describe your previous attempts more thoroughly!
Which search strings did you enter in which search engines / databases that are known to you?
What was missing in the search matches thereby?
Please finally add a concise and detailed description of your expectations towards the XIA! *

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle I,3

You have chosen this triangle to inform us about your advanced expertise in information technologies. One may assume you to be also qualified in performing your requests self-reliant and independent from any XIA services.
Which unique expectations / prospects do you associate with offered XIA-services to contact us anyway? Please describe your request in terms of your professional terminology! *

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle II,1

By this selection you favored for a minimum of any investments! Please be aware of expected limitation in respect to the amout and accuracy of any desired data outcome! In case you should not change this setting, you may optinally describe your minimal core expectations that ought to be met on any account!

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle II,2

Please suggest towards the XIA a draft proposal, how such a balance between our investements and your willingness to pay for could be put into practice.
Thank you for any efforts in advance!

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle II,3

Your decision obviously offers us the flexibility to go ahead with most stringent orientation towards your requested digital contents regardless of the expenses accociated with any applied technical and personal resources.
Please describe closer your core-expectations towards your preferred contractive conditions. Thank you for your confidence in advance! *

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle III,1

1. Optionally please let us know the background / the motivation of your requested digital content more thoroughly!
2. You may add an alternative description of your requested digital content (that you used in the input form above), if known to you, i.e. how would other people describe your concern?

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle III,2

Your expectations towards the XIA were already concisely described in the input form above and clear-out for us to set to work on your request. In case we should encounter some unexpected good matches which ones to drop and which ones to incorporate to a more extended request? – So in such cases to which topical / scientific direction(s) are you open-minded and which directions are not at all of your interest? In any case such additional thematic aspects have to be considered or even followed additionally, please let us know them in this input field! Thank you! *

Specific input data due to your choice of triangle III,3

You obviously contacted us due to advanced and extended expectations beyond or even far beyond the elsewhere offered attractions and search options of other online resources / online retrieval services.
So what is the whole impact expected from the XIA with all its sub-instances and which are the future prospects to be realized continually? *

Submitting your request

Here you may optionally attach file(s) you want us to get insight to. Please make reference to in a text field above. Thank you!


Please send this form with my individual data input additionally to my email-address. Holding my individual specifications on my hands facilicates my ongoing correspondence with XIA stuff.